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Sidewalk Astronomers Hold Film Premier

Published 2004-09-09 20:57:00

The Sidewalk Astronomers hosted the world premier showing of the documentary film "UNIVERSE - The Cosmology Quest" in Los Angeles on March 4, 2004. This ground-breaking and often controversial film was enthusiastically received by members of the audience, both those familiar with the history and content and by those being exposed to these ideas and circumstances for the first time.

Several of the scientist and personalities involved with the film attended both the screening and the reception that followed. Coming from Italy, Germany, Alabama, New Jersey, and New Mexico were director/producer Randall Meyers, Dr. Halton Arp, Dr. Jack Sulentic, Eric Lerner, Dr. Anthony Peratt, and of course John Dobson (we were lucky enough to have him here in LA already). Also attending were Dr. and Mrs. William Napier from the University of Armaugh and Walter Murch, film legend and planetary theorist.

It was a great opportunity for many of the Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomers to ask questions of those in the film. "UNIVERSE" raises many questions and all of the scientists were more than willing to try to answer whatever questions our members had.

Los Angeles Sidewalk Astronomer (and JD's yearly Death Valley camping companion) Patty Domay provided the catering and donated a great deal of her time, and thanks to her the reception a great success.

Two days later, Randall Meyers, John Dobson, Dr. Halton Arp, and Eric Lerner all attending screenings in San Francisco at the Randall Museum. Carol Straus and Phil Rice of the San Francisco Sidewalk Astronomers did a fantastic job of arranging the screening and reception that followed. Audiences in San Francisco liked the film as much as the ones in Los Angeles.

Before returning to Italy, Randall Meyers and John Dobson traveled to San Diego for a private screening with Drs. Geoff and Margaret Burbidge and their staff. Once again, reception was extremely positive.