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International Sidewalk Astronomy Night

Started in 2007, International Sidewalk Astronomy Night has become a regular event for sidewalk astornomers worldwide. Most of us are out on the sidewalk many nights each year sharing views of the night sky to the public, and one night a year we celebrate this activity and make it an international event. Many people held their first sidewalk event during ISAN and have continued doing sidewalk observing. That is our goal, to get as many people out with a scope as possible because once they do, chances are they will like doing it and continue. In this way, maybe someday we can show all the people of this planet the Universe in which they live.  
We invite all amateur astronomers to join us! We take telescopes out to street corners, in front of movie theaters, in state and national parks, in city centre parks ... anywhere there are crowds of people, from San Francisco to Sao Paulo to Kharkov. Our hope is that many amateurs will try and like this approach to astronomy outreach and will continue to hold sidewalk observing sessions throughout the year.
The events don't have to be large, one or two scopes at a location will be enough and if your club has more scopes and members, why not set up multiple observing sites around your city?  We know that many clubs and organizations have regularly scheduled public events at local observatories and planetariums, so we  hope that you can spare one or two members for sidewalk observing.    Visit our Facebook ISAN Page to share event ideas and post photos and event results.