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TED Talk by Ted Blank

When I was asked to give a talk at the TEDx event here in Fountain Hills, AZ, I chose the title "The View Through The Eyepiece", and started with a slide with a quote from John which you can see on the screen capture below.  (I mentioned John by name at the beginning but they apparently edited some bits out to get below the 18-minute limit of TED talks. However his name is on the slide which I'm happy about.)


For a description of my talk, we came up with, "Join Ted Blank on a journey through our Solar System and beyond as he shares how the view through the eyepiece can reawaken the curious child in all of us."  


I know this is how we all feel when we are out there with our telescopes sharing views with the public.


The video can now be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgPE0pGPBdg .  I hope it inspires folks with telescopes who don't currently do sidewalk astronomy to get out there with their scopes and keep John's vision alive and growing, and also convinces some folks who might just walk on by to stop and have a look!


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