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Ted Blank Reaches 250 Hours of Sidewalk Astronomy

Congratulations Ted!! Ted is one of the first Sidewalk Astronomers to reach the "official" 250 hour mark. His observing sessions were mostly 2 hours with 20-30 people stopping by. He started his sidewalk activites in New Hampshire but lucky for him, he's now in Arizona where its much, much warmer with better viewing conditions. Ted filled out reports for each of his viewing nights.  You can download his pdf file and see his reports and photos. He would go out a few times a month and it didn't take that long to get to 25 hours. He had already submitted reports for the 50 hour pin ... so he only had to stand out in the cold for a little over 100 hours!! Ted held observations at the beach, in front of markets, parks and even on vacations.
I hope that he inspires everyone to start filling out the reports when they do observing sessions. As you can see from Ted's, it isn't that difficult.  

Ted's reports and photos

sorry this pdf is sideways - I don't have the skills to fix that. Just turn your head!!!!!!!!!


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