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Rempote Observing Project in Arizona Needs Help


My name is Steven Aggas and I have built a serious observatory operation here in Arizona, Apache-Sitgreaves Research Center, and now nearly ready for offering remote-access imaging.  But I could use some help.  The attached .pdf outlines the details of the project, and, a goal, which leads to an Indiegogo campaign titled Dare Mighty Things.   Yes, we certainly Dare Mighty Things with a campaign goal of $150,000, just like we dared mighty things in getting such a nice piece of property under dark skies and dared mighty things to build such a fine 36-inch telescope.


In ten years 80% of the total investment, roughly $600,000 of the $750,000, has been achieved and we have gotten to the point of having a totally computer-controlled 36-inch telescope at a World-Class dark site.  The Dare Mighty Things campaign is to entice interest from the astronomical community to contribute towards that last remaining 20%, the last $150,000 needed, whether that is through individual club members or the club management wants to help.  Of the last 20%, if we were to only get an additional 3% from the Dare Mighty Things campaign, getting us from grand total of 80% to 83%, that still is a big step forward and greatly appreciated.  Any little bit helps and maybe the Dare Mighty Things campaign will provide 5% or 10% more towards the needed amount, or the entire remaining 20%.




The Coliseum in Rome, Italy – the Arena – wasn’t built from one big brick but instead it took many bricks of all sizes.  So, too, the last $150,000 we need is not expected to be one big ‘brick’ but instead from many small ‘bricks’ – many who think this is a worthwhile endeavor – and want to contribute and be a part of this project.  Someone from the Indiegogo site wrote me recently saying “It is one of the most interesting and valuable campaigns they’ve seen”.



Thanks, for considering it.  Here is a link so you can see the campaign as you consider it;  http://igg.me/at/DareMightyThings.

More information abour the observatory

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