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Girl's Rule

The Sidewalk Astronomers' Girl's Rule event is a chance to celebrate the contribution made by women in astronomy and to engage young girls to get excited about space. You can focus events with girls scouts, ask a woman scientist to give a talk, or invite all your girl friends out for a night of sidewalk observing.  Venus and Spica will be up for viewing, what could be more perfect? This year's event will be held on Sept. 17th.
Take some time to talk about women who have helped make the field of astronomy progress.  Talk about the astronomers of the past……….. those of the present……. And you encourage those in the future.  This event is the perfect time to engage the Big Sisters Organization, Girl Scouts and other female based groups and organizers to celebrate the cosmos. For the Girl Scouts it would be the perfect time to work on their astronomy badges.  Let the girls bling out their scope and celebrate Venus and Virgo!!!!  

Here is some artwork, you can make stickers, posters, etc. If you need it in higher resolution, please email us.


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