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Viewing the Eclipse in San Francisco

By Ken Frank
Published 2004-10-29 12:01:51

While pulling out of my driveway on Tiburon Blvd. I saw Mt. Tamalpias as if it were a Hokusai wood block print. The shadows were perfect relief of what the Eclipse might reveal to me. Looking west while driving south over the Golden Gate bridge, you could easily see the Farrallones floating proudly on the horizon.

After picking up John Dobson,while driving to the Randall Museum the western sky was clear and golden. Cruising up Lincoln Way while John talked about Gubbio, Italy the sky had small puffy altocumulus clouds with gilt linings in the distance.

Mooning from the Randall was perfect. John was the first to spot it!

Ditto on Mikes' observations. (that was Mike Portuese Pres. of SFAA) The maria and craters looked as I had never seen before. So this is what observing is all about. Incredible Moon rise over two fingers just south of Mt. Diablo. Margaret kept seeing someones navel; we think it was Aristarchus. The Schumachers had their 10", John Dillion his TV 85 w/ bino view & I w/ my 7 X 50's fm Bin Tel and the clubs' 6" f/10.3.

Views spectacular. Very clear w/ few clouds and no wind, while the kids Cory, Larissa and Aeddan drew pictures. We had guests from Germany, France, Bulgaria and friends of Barry Peckham's from HAS on Oahu.