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Seasons Without Borders and Dusk of IYA in the Philippines
by Dr. Armando Lee

The planned Seasons without Borders slated for December 22, 2009 did not push through as planned because of rains and cloudy skies over Pasay City, Philippines. It was moved at the last 2 hours before it started. Since the site for the SwB Philippines is a private commercial park it was prudent to move the event the next day to ensure people will be there at the park to participate.

The next day, December 23 saw the 1st ever Seasons Without Borders in the Philippines. Blessed with relatively clear sky, our group started to give free telescope viewing of the crescent moon to the public at around 7:00pm. The live webcast was started at around 8:15pm via www.justin.tv/medlee and it ran up to 10:00pm Manila Time. There were around 200 people who took the peek through the 66SD apochromat telescope set up infront of the Astrocamp Observatory in San Miguel by the Bay Park inside SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. The weather cooperated well until around 10:30 when the sky turned cloudy. People were told what the occasion was about and their attention really turned toward how beautiful the crescent moon was through that small apochromat telescope! The livewebcasting was done using a telecom mobile broadband attached to Dr Lee's netbook utilizing a bigger bandwidth than previously tried at the site where the public viewing was  done (where the existing wifi in the park was utilized).

Pictures from the event are attached to this report. 

For DUSK of IYA, there was a New Year's Countdown event and party at the same site and our group used mostly the same set up. Here's a video clip link taken during the DUSK, from Astrocamp Observatory SMBY Park SM MOA Pasay City Philippines. There were approximately 500 people who were given free views of the planet Jupiter and the Galilean satellites from 5:45pm to 10:00pm of that day. 



I have also attached some pictures taken from the said event.