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30 Days Non-Stop Astronomy In Bangalore

Naveen Nanjundappa 
Bangalore Astronomical Society, a non profit organization based in Bangalore, India, is actively involved in spreading astronomy activities in the surrounding communities. We saw huge success during the 100 Hours of Astronomy program. While we were organizing Galilean Nights activities, we were worried because October is the month of monsoon rains here so we planned one step ahead for a first of its kind program,  "30 Days Non-Stop Sidewalk Astronomy Nights".        
This is basically a plan to have sidewalk astronomy sessions across various places in Bangalore for a non- stop 30 days during October. In case we have cloudy skies, we have alternate plans of for discussions about other topics of astronomy and telescopes, especially the Galilean Telescope. Volunteers of BAS were very exited to do 100 Hours program, now they are on their toes for this new non-stop activity. We have volunteers from 14 years to 65 years interested and participating in this activity. Our motto is "Reach more people during the month of October and show Jupiter it's moons through telescopes, in spite of cloudy weather at Bangalore. 

Update: Here are more current photos from the events this month! http://picasaweb.google.co.in/bangaloreastronomicalsociety/SidewalkAstronomy#  and in spite of rain, we have continued when the Moon and Jupiter were visible.